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“Thank you for the way you present the Truth. You’ve helped me see the true Light of Christ.”

Owen, Canada

“Your teaching is solid and unwavering and has given me hope over the last year.”

Ada, USA

“My husband and I are encouraged that your ministry is reaching the Muslim world!”

Marlene and Peter, Australia

Following Christ Wherever He Leads

“I was 18 when I said to the Lord, ‘I’ll go anywhere, do anything.’

And every time the Lord places a challenge before me, I remember that. For the last 35 years, we have walked through the open doors the Lord has placed before us in ministry.

What is going to happen in the next 35 years? I tell Him that I’m ready every day—wherever He leads.”


Did you know Dr. Youssef receives absolutely no compensation from Leading The Way? The ministry is his labor of love!

A Unique Calling:
Tracing God's Faithfulness

“The story of my life and this ministry is a story about God and His faithfulness. It is a story about His search for people who are willing to trust and obey.”
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